The Magic Of Maku

Take one look at these tiles and it is evident that they spent as much time on the design as they do making the tiles themselves. Inspired by natural stone and mixed in with warm, soft shades, the Maku range mimics natural imperfections and promotes a satin finish to create an ultra-realistic and stylish look. Similar to some of FAP's other products, the tiniest details and grooves in the product all tell a different story, as if they have existed for years.

Maku Light 250 x 750

Buying tiles for the first time can seem like quite a daunting task with such a large variety of colour, style, and texture to choose from. Without a proper consult, making your dream design a reality can prove to be quite difficult. If you are feeling anything like this, I would highly recommend looking into this range.

Unlike other tiles, these Italian tiles are designed to be sold as 'the solution' rather than just another option. They are manufactured to remove any indecision you may have over quality. As a fully packaged tile, the Maku range leads the market in toughness, quantity of prints, and low water absorption rates. Even if you are simply stuck for ideas, the variety of colour and finish between Maku tiles work together to provide some of the most impressive and innovative home designs available.

But what about the price? In fact, the Maku range tiles fit nicely in the middle of the market, well within reach of those on a tight budget. The timeless solution of a Maku tile will mean you will likely never have to replace it in your life, ultimately making it a much better financial choice than a lot of other cheaper tiles.

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