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Design Space

Imagine the Beauty

Create Your Ideal Space with Design Space


Introducing Design Space, a revolutionary in-store service that transforms your dream space into reality! Say goodbye to ordinary tile visualizers – with Design Space, you'll receive immersive 360-degree, high-resolution 3D renders of your room, empowering you to curate the perfect environment you've always envisioned.

Mystic Ocean
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Achieve Perfection

At Tile Shed, we understand that creating the ideal space is a one-time opportunity. With our team of expert designers, you can visualize every decision before it becomes a reality on-site. We're thrilled to introduce Design Space, and we can't wait to witness your dreams materialize. Visit us today, meet one of our designers, and start crafting your dream space.

Infinite Possibilities

Discover a world of patterns, colours, layouts, and textures at our store. Explore all your options to ensure you create the space that perfectly suits your vision.

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Visit one of our stores for your free design or book an in-store consultation and design via our website

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