City Gloss White 100x300mmThe perfect tile to use to get that urban look. Often used as a stack bond laying concept (vertical lines all lined up) but can also be used in a brick bond patternCrisp plain white gloss finish. The edges are a nice soft cushion edge which ensures smooth fast installation.Add one of our mosaics to this to add colour or help link to your floor colour or other colours in your decor.We suggest you use a grey colour grout, super easy to clean and features the shape of the tile  Avaliable in Black or White Gloss


Material: Ceramic
 Surface Finish: Gloss
 Edge Finish: Cushioned
 Size (mm): 100x300
Area per product (m2): 0.03
  Glaze PEI Abrasion Resistance: Grade 0
 Variation: V1
Weight (kg per m2): 13.4
 Sealing Required: N
Colour: White

City White Gloss 10x30

Colour: White