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Immerse yourself in the tactile allure of three-dimensional surfaces crafted in earthy Cotto and pristine Bianco hues. These tiles boast intentionally imperfect patterns and a textured cadence, echoing the artisanal charm of handcrafted bricks. The rich, full-bodied colours, alive with natural variations and a soft, textured finish, envelop any space in a cocoon of warmth and intimacy, invoking thoughts of the earth, cozy warmth, and the serene embrace of nature.


Nominal Size: 600X600

Faces: 40

Grade: 5

Shade Variation: V2


Origin: Italy


Priced Per: m2

Terre Cotto Matt 60x60

Colour: Cotto
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    Not all colours, sizes and finishes are stocked in New Zealand.  

    These can be indented.

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