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Elevate your outdoor fire pit experience with the innovative "Smokelis" solution - a game-changer in outdoor entertainment!  Say goodbye to the common pitfalls of traditional fire pits, such as unpleasant odours and the constant battle with smoke.  With "Smokelis," you enjoy a cleaner, more efficient burn, requiring less firewood while producing more heat.  Ideal for enhancing the ambience of your outdoor gatherings, these smokeless fire pits ensure that you and your guests can revel in the mesmerizing allure of flames without any drawbacks.


Smokelis Kindle


Optimize outdoor gatherings with our cutting-edge Kindle Fire Pit, tailor-made for couples and small families seeking intimate, heart-warming experiences.  This state-of-the-art fire pit is your gateway to rekindling spirits, strengthening bonds, and sparking engaging conversations in the cozy glow of its mesmerizing flames.  Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort, ensuring everyone enjoys the best seat by the fire, surrounded by joy and companionship.  The Kindle Fire Pit is the quintessential choice for those cherished moments with your nearest and dearest.


Crafted with precision for compact spaces, our Kindle Fire Pit is an ideal addition to any small backyard or beach house.  It promises memorable, relaxing evenings with your loved ones or significant other.  Ignite the joy of togetherness and effortlessly unwind from the daily grind or weekly stress.  Despite its modest dimensions, our fire pit delivers impressive heat output, guaranteeing warmth and ambience without compromise.


Discover the Kindle Fire Pit — your intimate, engaging, and warm gathering solution.  Perfect for couples and small family setups, it's designed to elevate your outdoor living space and enhance quality time with those who matter most.


Three materials to choose from:


  • Corten
  • Corten/Stainless
  • Stainless



HW350 Weathering Steel (aka Corten Steel) Versions

The Corten steel will be supplied pre-weathered in any external area, so you don't have to wait six months or more while it goes from black steel to a natural patina colour.  Each burn will darken the patina.  If it hasn't burnt in a while, it will develop a lighter patina, which darkens when burnt again.


304 Stainless Steel Versions

Depending on the heat, this material on the fire pits or other heat-affected areas will darken.  The rims of the fire pits will likely blacken due to soot from the fire on start-up and will otherwise be a dark shade of bronze—as will the outer layer of the fire pit.  Areas such as the base of the fire pit, the Ember Shields, the Lids, and the prepsurface of the Wood Box will remain bright and not discolour unless they are exposed to unnatural chemicals.



530mm Diameter, 407mm High
Weight: 35kg



  • 100% NZ Made

    Our smokeless firepits are 100% New Zealand-made for quality and safety.  Locally sourced materials and experienced craftsmen ensure long-lasting, eco-friendly and odourless outdoor fires.  Enjoy your firepit built in your backyard with peace of mind.


  • Lifetime Warranty

    Our lifetime warranty gives you the peace of mind that your smokeless firepit is built to last.  We guarantee our firepit against any manufacturing defects with a simple replacement policy.  You have made the right investment in your outdoor fire with the assurance of our lifetime warranty.


  • Super Versatile

    Smokelis fire pits aren't just the best way to keep warm outdoors; they're also the best way to enjoy a campfire or brazier with your friends and family.

    They are the best way to do live fire grilling as well!  With unique possibilities from direct heat that lets the flavour of your food do the talking!  Only from Smokelis


  • No Smoke

    Little to no smoke!  Where typical firepits heat the timber to give off excess gasses, yet the flame doesn't burn it - a Smokelis Fire Pit burns almost 100% of the gasses in the fuel!


  • Most Efficient

    Get the most out of your firewood with a Smokelis Fire Pit, which requires significantly less to achieve the same heat output.


  • No Irritating Flame Burn

    Enjoy a pleasant fire experience with a Smokelis Fire Pit, as its deep double-skin walls reduce the irritating skin heat from the flames.


  • All Sit Around

    With a Smokelis fire pit, you won't have to worry about smoke blowing into your face, as its design and heat output make it almost immune to windy conditions.


  • Live Fire Grill Like No Other

    With the epic live fire grilling attachments, you'll become the backyard entertainer others marvel at.

    Take your BBQ game to the next level with Smokelis.




Smokelis Kindle - The Smokeless Fire Pit

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