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Regoli exudes all its industrial chic personality in bricks measuring 7.5x30 cm, which it proposes in a wide and original colour range: in addition to the re- assuring shades of white, beige, grey and black, it also includes two more intense colours, blue and green, selected to create theatrical atmospheres and to add character to smaller, more sophisticated rooms.

While the matt finish underlines the size and the authentic and very palpable texture of this series in stoneware, the choice of glossy enamels, which are deliberately applied unevenly, underlines the eloquence of the nuances chosen and the value of this collection in design. The two surfaces have been specially studied to add a special touch to both plain coloured and plain textured applications and to more creative combinations of different shades and finishes. The decorative possibilities also extend to three-dimensional designs thanks

to the 2 different 3D textures in the colours white and black. In addition to the softness with a cushion effect of Wide, the relief lines of Sticks was also created to underline the appearance and touch of the satin enamels chosen. In addition to the more classic horizontal layouts, Regoli can also be fitted vertically, where required by more eccentric plans. The versatility of this Colour collection is confirmed by the possibility to combine it with different surfaces, such as stone, concrete and wood to create unique settings that you will never tire of.


Nominal Size : 75X300


Range: Regoli

Shade Variation : V2


Origin: Italy


Shape: Rectangle


Finish: Matt or Gloss




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    Please note that not all colours, sizes and finishes are stocked in New Zealand.  

    Where possible these can be indented.

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