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Japanese Collection


If you appreciate Japanese culture, you will be enamoured by the innovative Kayoborder and Minokoyo mosaic tiles. These tiles draw their inspiration from the timeless tradition of ceramics employed in the revered Sado (Tea Ceremony). 


Their remarkable aesthetics set these Japanese tiles apart, boasting a delicate texture, understated crackle effects, irregular markings, and the graceful flow of natural colours. These distinctive variations stem from the pigments and firing techniques employed during manufacturing.


In commercial and residential settings, these tiles can imbue spaces with a luxurious, organic ambience that exudes tranquillity and promises years of enjoyment.



Product Description:  A Finger/Pencil Shaped Mosaic Wall Only Tile From Japan With A Gloss Finish


Nominal Size: 290x300

Faces: N/A

Grade: 1

Shade Variation: V3


Origin:  Japan


Priced Per: sheet/s


Suggested Grout Color: Not Available

Kayoborder Olive Gloss Finger Mosaic 19x144

Colour: Olive
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    Not all colours, sizes and finishes are stocked in New Zealand.  

    These can be indented.

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