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Social Terms

Social Media Terms of Use

Hello, thanks for sharing your photos and videos from Tile Shed on social media.

We’d like to share your photo/video with others who are passionate about tiles, design and the lovely Hawke’s Bay with our followers on social media and our website. If you’re happy for us to embed your photo or video from Instagram or Facebook on and you’re ok with us sharing your photos/videos on the @tileshedltd social media accounts, simply tag Tile Shed Ltd in your posts or if asked reply with #TileShedLtd when you’re prompted (see below for more info). We’ll be sure to credit your social account alongside your photo or video.

By tagging or responding with #TileShedLtd when prompted, you agree to allow Tile Shed Limited to use your photo/video (Content) on and to share your Content on Instagram and Facebook, and you agree to comply with the Terms of Use of Instagram and Facebook. You are also agreeing to the following:

  • You grant Tile Shed Ltd a royalty free, non-exclusive, and worldwide perpetual licence to reproduce, and otherwise use your Content (including your Instagram handle or Facebook name and any comments or descriptions associated with the Content) on and in connection with and Tile Shed Limited's  official social media channels (including Facebook and Instagram)

  • You will be credited for any Content shared on Tile Shed Limited's official social media channels. If you have changed your mind about sharing the Content and no longer wish to have your Content featured on Tile Shed Limited's Website, please contact us via email to have your Content removed (email:

  • You retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in the Content, and the right to use the Content for your own purposes or let others use your Content for their purposes.

  • You agree that Tile Shed Limited has no obligation to compensate you for the licence granted to Tile Shed Limited to use your Content, and any intellectual property rights that subsist therein.

  • You confirm that you own all rights to your Content or, alternatively, that you have the rights necessary to grant Tile Shed Limited the licence to use your Content described above, at no cost, without infringing any third party rights, including intellectual property rights, privacy rights, image rights, and moral rights.

  • You consent and agree to Tile Shed Limited using your image and likeness in its use of the Content under the above licence.

  • You consent to Tile Shed Limited agreeing to the Terms of Use of Facebook and Instagram in relation to the use of your Content.

  • You will not hold Tile Shed Limited's, or any person acting on Tile Shed Limited's behalf, responsible for any claims or demands in connection with the use of your Content.


Tagging or responding #TileShedLtd does not guarantee that your Content will be used and we reserve the right to refuse to accept, post or transmit the Content for any reason or remove the Content from Tile Shed Limited's Website for any reason and at any time, at our discretion.

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