Choosing the Ultimate Tiles for Your Bathroom.

How do you choose a look that will last? Follow our handy guide!

Designing a bathroom for your new build or renovation can be an exhilarating experience for some and an outright right awful experience for others. While choosing tiles for a ‘clean slate’ design brings freedom, it can also be overwhelming to fine tune your wants and needs for a bathroom.

Well, now we’ve made it easy with the following advice!

Size, shape and proportions

Selecting the size and shape of tiles for your bathroom can depend on the overall layout and size of your room. If you’re styling a small bathroom, larger tiles usually help to make the space feel spacious and open. View our range of large format tiles here.

Nordic Islanda

As with any design tip, however, there’s no hard and fast rule in regards to this. Instead, look at each of the surfaces that need tiling and determine where you want to draw attention and where you don't.. Use interesting tiles that draw attention (either by size, shape, texture, colour etc) to those focual areas of the room, and all the other tiles should complement these focus points with a more subdued appearance.

Tile colour and finish

If there’s one thing that will make your bathroom look dated, it’s the colour and finish of your tiles (remember the small brown tiles of the 80’s). This is honestly a picture of one of the original tiles from our house - built 1981.

While a striking design or colour may appeal to you now, think about whether this is a passing trend in the interior design industry and whether or not you will still love this in 5 – 10 years time.

We recommend using the stone, marble or timber look tiles for the areas that are costly to redo such as the shower and the floors. Decorative and coloured tiles are best used as a feature wall (or two) or a splash back. That way you can change them out as trends change. It's a great way to refresh the look of a bathroom without huge expense.

Nordic Chevron

Natural Lighting

For smaller, darker bathrooms with minimal natural light - use light coloured, gloss tiles to reflect the light and make your bathroom feel more open and spacious. Another thing you can do is use the same tiles on the floor and walls to help the space feel larger and more cohesive. Using the tile from the floor to the ceiling immediately makes the room look more spacious as it draws the eye upwards creating the illusion that the area is larger.

Vice versa, if you have a larger room or have an abundance of natural lighting, opt for a matt or lappato finish tile to minimise reflective glare and experiement with the darker moody coloured tiles for a luxurious feel.

Beren Light Grey 90x90

Stone look tile works perfectly in this space, it keeps the room cohesive and the texture keeps it interesting. The Beren Light Grey 900x900 tile is a replica of Spanish limestone, using a porcelain tile is a cost-effective way of achieving the look you want without the upkeep. Natural stone needs regular sealing and can scratch, chip or break – porcelain is a durable, non-porous and resilient material, therefore, making it the perfect option for wet areas.


In recent years, coloured grout has been the trend in bathroom and kitchen design. The wide range of colours now available in grouting leads to a new level of room styling previously neglected.

While it may go without saying, if you’re going to take a plunge into coloured grout, ensure it’s a complementary colour to your tiles choice. This doesn’t mean it has to match the colour directly, but work harmoniously with it. If you’re choosing a striking grout colour, allow it to be the hero of this design, your tiles should be more subdued to let it shine.

Cube Graphite Black Mosaic

Working with our expert staff at the Tile Shed can make bathroom design that little bit less stressful and (as we have been told by many clients) a lot more more enjoyable, so don’t hesitate to engage the experts to create your dream bathroom. Book your free consultation here or start dreaming up ideas from home by exploring the stunning bathrooms on our Bathroom Ideas collection gallery.

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