Show-Stopper Subway Tiles

New ideas to showcase the humble subway tile in your home.

The classic subway tile is one of the most conventional, affordable and effective tile options to use throughout the home. In the last few years, the subway tile has made a massive comeback into the forefront of interior design and styling. So how do you use this tile in a new and creative way in your home?

Take a new direction

The typical image that comes to mind with subway tiles is the horizontal layout used across a backsplash in a contemporary kitchen. Simply changing the layout of these tiles can elevate a surface from common trend to designer style.

Artisan Rose Mallow - laid vertically creates an edgy appeal to this bathroom.

Mixed Finishes

Thinking outside the box when it comes to tiled areas can also help draw interest to your subway tiles. Rather than using all matt or all gloss tiles, try mixing the finishes to draw more attention to your tiled area.

Diesel Camp Glaze Black mixed with Diesel Camp Rock Black

A splash(back) of colour

There’s plenty of colours available to choose from outside the traditional white subway tile. Try using a striking gloss black or charcoal tile for a touch of luxury or a softer green for a more organic compliment to a kitchen design. If your home has very neutral coloured walls and flooring, a feature wall made of colourful subways tiles can be a cost effective focal point.

The Portobello Liverpool subway in Grafite above and Pistache below

Manhattan Jeans (above) and Manhattan Vintage, Beige and Sand (below)

Great grout

Contrasting grout is a top trend in 2018 and by adding a different colour around your subway tiles, you can actually highlight them as a feature of a room. For simple white subway tiles, try a bolder grout around them or a light coloured grout around darker tiles.

Above Boston Petrolio with a contrasting grout and below Diesel Industrial Steel Glass comes pre-framed with a steel look around the edge of the tile.

Love to add some subway tiles to your home?

Our tiles of choice include the Portobello Liverpool tile, which is available in 11 colours, the Manhattan range in 9 colours and the Diesel range avalaible in a variety of colours and finishes,

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