Four Tile Tips for Beautiful Rooms

In this article we explain some of the differences between tiles and what to consider when choosing a tile.

Modern printing techniques have given rise to incredibly realistic wood, marble and stone look tiles, while decorative designs are getting more imaginative and interesting than ever. This can be a bit daunting at first, but really it’s easy to narrow down your choice if you consider the following:

1. The style of your house and your personal style. Spend some time browsing magazines or websites like Pinterest and Instagram to narrow down what you are looking for. Remember to take into account the design style of your house and to work with it not against it!

Diesel Camp Rock Grey for a moody industrial look.

Corso Gris compliments this cozy country kitchen perfectly,

Manhattan White for a crisp, clean minimalist look.

Marvel Noir for style and sophistication.

If quirky and mischievous are your thing, consider a decorative tile such as Firenze Deco Fiore Hexagon Gloss

Art Deco is prominent in the Hawkes Bay region so emphasize it's character by using Harrow Grafito.

This natural organic feel can be achieved using Onyx White, to create a calming indoor sanctuary.

2. The light in the room, both natural and artificial. For example, a gloss tile will suit a dark space, as it reflects more light as does a lighter colour.

(L) The natural light reflects beautifully off the Rhombus White Gloss splash back tile enhancing the light airy feel of this Scandinavian style kitchen. (R) White Metro Gloss Bevel subway tiles work well in rooms that lack natural light.

3. The size and layout of the room. Large module tiles make a small room look larger, as does the direction of the lay when using a rectangular tile. Using the same tile on the floor and walls will make the space look more cohesive.

Kone Mix polish 75X150 makes this living room appear large and open.

4. Grout colour makes a huge difference. Contrasting grout will make the design pop but can add tension to the space by emphasising the lines; while colour matched grout will make the pattern more subtle.

More expensive tiles generally have a more sophisticated and natural looking design, due to increased depth of surface, more variation and better texture. View our range of Italian made tiles here.

Boston Petrolio with matching (L) and contrasting (R) grout.

At the Tile Shed we have design consultants, who can help you through the points listed above and also with tile samples and even recommending a good tiler. Come and see us to start creating your dream space!

Find our show room at 201a Southland Road, Hastings and talk to one of our design consultants about how to achieve a designer look in your bathroom or search our bathroom range online here.

Image sources: @hilaryandflo and @the_idle_hands

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