Moody Blues VS Vibrant Hues: Which style are you?

Every colour has its own meaning and representation that creates a certain feeling or mood. In this post, we focus our attention on blue - a colour that is strongly associated with tranquillity and calmness. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Research has shown that it slows the human metabolism and produces a calming effect. However if you’re styling your space, rich emerald greens and deep moody blues can work for many different trends in the home. See below for how blue tiles can work for you.

Manhattan Jeans from FAP Ceramiche

Pictured is Manhattan Jeans from FAP Ceramiche, this is a great example of how a blue subway tile can completely transform a space. We love the way this customer has styled this bathroom with the ropes and woven baskets, creating a very beach-like and sailor feel. The perfect place to start and end your day. Click Here to view the range.

Shades from La Faenza

The shades range from La Faenza is one of our most vibrant hues. Not only is it this collection bang on trend in terms of colour but it also features one of the biggest tile trends for 2018; The Fishscale mosaic. The Shades range has drawn its inspiration from natural light and colours, with the blue hues representing marine life. The collection of glossy wall tiles are available in both Subway and Mosaic format. Click Here to view the range.

Left to right: Shades Teal Mosaic, Shades Aquamarine Mosaic, Shades Blue Fishscale.

Left to right: Shades Aquamarine Gloss, Shades Teal Gloss, Shades Blue Gloss, Shades Light Blue Gloss.

Corso from Vives Ceramica

The tranquillity and calmness of blue tile make them a perfect choice for bathroom walls and floors. The lighter shades of blue create a softness in the room, therefore allowing it to still be quite a neutral colour palette. Corso from Vives Ceramica is ideal for achieving this look, available in colours Turquesa and Azul, these gloss wall-only tiles produce a shiny, reflective surface that will make the room feel bigger and brighter. Click Here to view the range.

Left to right: Corso Azul, Corso Turquesa

Camp from Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica

Creating an Industrial look doesn't mean only using grey and black. Our latest range of Italian tiles from Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica creates a moody, urban feel in a space. Camp Blue (pictured below) is a new take on the classic subway. This 100x300 red body wall tile is available in 3 colours; Blue, Grey and Black and 3 finishes; Satin, Semi-Polish and Gloss. We recommend mixing up the finishes when laying to create an eye-catching and unique look. Click Here to view the range.

Left to right: Camp Canvas Blue, Camp Rock Blue and Camp Glaze Blue.

Feeling inspired? Visit the Tile Shed Showroom now and let our design consultants advise you on how you could use blue tiles in your space.

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