The Harmony and Balance of Nordic Stone by Italgraniti

Nordic Stone is the new Italgraniti Collection that reveals the natural beauty of Burlington Stone from the North of England. The fossils, stippling, grains and vein pattern: every tiniest mineral feature, reproduced with absolute accuracy, helps to generate a surface of stunning harmonic beauty.

The matt surface, combined with carefully calculated patterning and veins, furnish spaces with a simple, immediate, natural appeal. The finish feels silky and soft to the touch and it's tactile strength strikes a constant balance with the subtle beauty of it's colouring.

The Nordic Stone comes in a 600x600 size and 450x900 size matt finish tile and is suitable for both floors and walls and available in four colour palettes.

It is a grade 5 tile (suitable for heavy commercial use) so it's beauty is equally matched by it's durability making this a great choice for anyone.

Team your Nordic Stone tile with the matching chevron mosaic for subtle, yet sophisticated detail.

View the range here

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