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Key features: ★ The story unfolds in various stunning locations across Thailand as Snake moves on the trail of his next deadly mission. ★ Snake travels in a high-tech jeep to explore deserted islands and lush jungle rainforests. ★ Experience the thrill of blasting at super-fast speeds as you fight your way through hordes of deadly enemies. ★ Discover a brilliant cinematic story with multiple different endings. ► Survival Horror "GAME OF THE YEAR" - Edge™ Game of the Year THE WORLD IS FULL OF MONSTERS, AND THEY’RE ALL OUT TO GET YOU! – THE EARLY ACCELERATED RELEASE DATE OF THE NEW “GAME OF THE YEAR” WINNER IS COMING SOON. INSPIRATION FROM THE KINDA SACRED BROTHERHOOD – 10-BIT STYLE OF GAME PLAY. GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE AND GRAPHICS ARE TOP NOTCH. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED GAME THAT IS SO MUCH FUN, YOU CAN’T STOP PLAYING! - 8/10 “Awesome old school graphics and a ridiculous fun gameplay mechanic” – Huffington Post *Extended playtime: with strong character and story, plus a game play mechanism that’s as addictive as it is entertaining – The New York Times. =============================== NEW FEATURES: •NEW GAME MODE: RANKS •NEW PLAYER SKILL LEVEL *Chose your character based on a survival horror game style survival/RPG game play system! – Choose from famous American soldiers like Snake (The old host of Metal Gear), a British solider, or Japanese/Taiwanese soldiers like soldiers. •NEW ENEMY TEAMS •NEW UNEXPECTED OPPONENTS LIKE A MACHINIST •NEW MISSIONS AND ENEMIES **NEW LEVEL AND GRAPHIC! RECOMMENDED FOR SINGLE PLAYER AND MULTIPLAYER ============================================== ------------------------------- SUPPORT: Like us on Facebook: Check us out on Google +: Check us out on: Instagram: survivalsnake Twitter: @SpartanSnake Contact us: support@survival.Snake




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