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Tele di Marmo is a stunning collection of exquisite and unique marble designs which are highly expressive through striking colours and patterns. Unique decors complete the collection with meticulous detail, and offer interior design new levels in sophistication and design. 


  • Glazed porcelain 
  • Rectified edges
  • Semi-Polished/Natural surfaces
  • Made in Italy



- 600x1200mm - Stocked 

- 300x600 - indent only

(9.5 mm thick)


The TDM Revolution Range contains the following:


Stocked Colours:

Patagonia Semi-Polished

Verde Saint Denis Semi-Polished

Calcacatta Black Semi-Polished 

Calacatta Black Natural


Indent Colours:

Thassos Semi-Polished

Thassos Natural

Thassos Semi-Polished Decor

Patagonia Natural

Patagonia Semi-Polished Décor

Verde Saint Denis Natural

Verde Saint Denis Semi-Polished

TDM Revolution Verde Saint Denis - Natural - Indent

Colour: Verde Saint Denis
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    Please note that not all colours, sizes and finishes are stocked in New Zealand.  

    Where possible these can be indented.

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