Diesel Industrial Glass

Inspired by industrial windows this unique look will give any space the wow factor. Suitable for interior wall installation only, the range is very urban/chic - typical of the Design Living brand. Italian made, also available in White.


TILE SIZE 200x600
TYPE Wall Only Tiles
GRADE Grade 1 (Wall use)
CLASS TYPE Wall tile


Key Points:

• Diesel Living took inspiration from abandoned industrial buildings with broken glass and replaced windows.

• The Industrial trend is popular due to its ability to look modern and stylish whilst still being practical and easy to style.

• To achieve depth and interest the tile is fired twice, first the bisque and then the glaze (enamel) using two different kilns. These types of tiles have practically no shrinkage during firing making them very easy to lay.

• 25 Faces.

• We recommend using a similar colour grout to the darker edges around each tile to reduce the look of grout lines.

• 200 x 600mm red body wall tile. Made from local clay, gives it the green label (making it environmentally friendly).

• Suitable for interior wall installation only.

• Made in Italy.

• Cushion edge: non-rectified.

• Industrial Steel glass: V4 – SUBSTANTIAL VARIATION: Random colour differences from tile to tile, so that one tile may have totally different colours from that on other tiles. Thus, the final installation will be unique.

• Packaging: 1.44m2 (12 tiles) per box.

Diesel Industrial Steel Glass 20x60

Colour: Steel
Areas Suitable For