The Magic Of Maku

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Original blog post written by Tile Space

It doesn't take a lot to realise that the when making these tiles FAP Ceramiche spent as much time on the design as they did making the tiles themselves. Inspired by natural stone and mixed in with warm, soft tones, the Maku range is designed to emulate the natural imperfections associated with porcelain. The natural satin finish contributes to it's ultra-realistic and stylish look.

Similar to some of FAP's other products, the tiniest details and grooves in the product all tell a different story, as if they have existed for generations.

When buying tiles for the first time it can be very over-whelming with such a large variety of colours, styles, and textures to choose from. Without advice from an experienced consultant, making the vision you have in your head a reality can be more challenging than it should be.

With ranges like the Maku Range you can be assured you will get a tile that is durable and will last for many years.

We treat the Maku Range as a solution instead as just another option.

They are manufactured to the highest standard so that you can eliminate and concerns about quality. The Maku range leads the market in toughness, quantity of prints, and low water absorption rates. Even if you can't decide on what look you want, the variety of colour and finish between Maku tiles work to offer some of the best home design looks around.

Then we get the all important question about price? You will be pleased to know that the Maku range tiles fit in the middle of the market and in the budget of most renovations and new builds. The Maku tiles will likely never have to replace it in your life, ultimately making it a practical financial choice than a lot of other cheaper tiles.

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